The best way to determine a good investment is through the golden quote “numbers don’t lie”.

My passion and mission is to help clients fulfill their housing needs through a systematic and simple to understand approach as every individual has their own unique set of problems, there is no one size fit all solution.

On top of that, through my business and investments experiences, I am able to provide a holistic advice on whether property investment in Singapore still makes sense or not.

For my entire professional career since 2010, I’ve also helped hundreds of HDB owners sell their homes and grow their wealth through property investments faster than they ever thought possible.

Unsure how you can start? I am John Tan, your Full Time Real Estate Consultant.

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My straightforward approach and effective strategies has placed me in the Top 1% of the industry.

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My Personal Mottos & Values

Never sell a product that I won’t buy myself personally.

Never use data, graphs, charts, news to mislead clients into an unfavorable position.

Think long term, think win-win, a lifetime client is worth more than an one-time deal customer.

Never to use image selling such as appearing rich & successful to do team building & selling.

Always provide full transparent information to clients, even if they turn down the deal.

Law of karma, do good, speak good, act good. It takes time for a seed to bear fruit.

Be sincere & genuine, avoid flattery, exaggeration & lip service.

Wear the shoes and thinking hats of clients, always think what I will do if I’m in their positions.


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